MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Cry by Satellite Train

Cry by Satellite Train is a poignant and emotionally charged musical journey
that provides a glimpse into the upcoming album, The Melbourne Sessions. Released on
October 13, 2023, this sophomore single follows the success of their previous release,
Superstar, which secured notable positions on both the World Indie Charts and the
European Indie Charts.
The song unfolds as a touching narrative, delving into the theme of a child
grappling with the absence of parents and the solitude of childhood. It skilfully
navigates the realms of emotion, delivering a powerful message of inner strength and
the pursuit of joy amidst challenging times. The lyrics draw listeners into a heartfelt
story, creating a connection that resonates with the human experience.
One of the standout features of Cry is its undeniable quality, evident in both
composition and production. The song is a musical treasure that demonstrates Satellite
Train’s talent and artistic sensitivity. The composition is characterised by its appealing
and touching aural experience, building anticipation for their debut album.
The production of Cry is marked by its polished sounds and profoundly moving
elements. The vocals, in particular, stand out as a testament to the singer’s impressive
mastery. The singer’s superb voice, coupled with harmonised backup vocals, adds depth
and emotional power to the track. The seamless integration of vocals, delicate tunes, and
a memorable chorus contributes to the overall appeal of the song.
The innovative approach taken in recording The Melbourne Sessions adds
another layer of authenticity to Satellite Train’s music. The spontaneous recording
sessions, without prior rehearsals or demo recordings, aimed to capture an authentic live
sound. The result is an album that feels raw and genuine, with each track benefitting
from the musicians’ collective talent and improvisational spirit.
The instrumental arrangement in Cry features guitar, bass, keyboards, and
percussion instruments that harmonise seamlessly, creating an immersive and
compelling atmosphere. The musicians, including guitarist Shane O’Mara, keyboard
player John McAll, bassist Pasquale Monea, and drummer John (Watto) Watson, show
their excellence and experience, contributing to the overall brilliance of the song.
What stands out most is the band’s genuine effort and musical prowess in
crafting this exceptional four-minute track. Cry serves as an enticing preview of what
awaits listeners in Satellite Train’s debut album, promising a fusion of creative energy
and authenticity in The Melbourne Sessions.
The upcoming album, born from spontaneous recording sessions in Melbourne,
promises to be a noteworthy release in the indie music landscape. With its heartfelt
narrative, fascinating sound, and memorable instrumentation, Cry encourages
anticipation for the complete album. Satellite Train’s ability to blend emotional lyrics

with impeccable instrumentation underscores their commitment to delivering high-
quality music.
All in all, Cry by Satellite Train is a standout track that offers an unforgettable
emotional experience, leaving listeners eagerly awaiting the release of The Melbourne
Sessions. The song’s depth, authenticity, and musical excellence make it essential for
anyone appreciative of well-crafted and emotionally resonant music.

Review made by Lucy Cicioni