MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Click Bait By Sig and the Fire Pilots

About three months ago, an electrifying act hailing from Cannock known as Sig
And The Fire Pilots released their debut single called Click Bait. A thumping and punky
little tune, it captured my heart instantaneously.
Sig & the Fire Pilots are a British trio composed of Sig (guitar and vocals), Dave
(bass and vocals), and Duggie (drums). Originating from Cannock, which, as Sig
explained, ‘It’s kind of smack bang in the middle of the UK.’ Based pretty much smack
bang in the middle of our sceptred isle. They formed just over a year ago and play their
blend of Rocky-Poppy-Bluesy-Funky-Reggae. The band tried to get together 2 years
previous but a certain virus put paid to that. Three likeable guys who just happen to be
talented musicians. Sig loves motorbikes just as much as music, Dave owns a music
shop in Cannock, and Duggie is doing what he always wanted to do, play drums. This
three-piece band has caught our attention and will surely catch yours too!
Click Bait is their first release. It is an up-tempo light-hearted catchy rock
number that reflects the lengths and depths that some will go to get views and likes on
their page. Oddly and ironically being self-serving. The original release date for the
single (Click Bait) was March 1st, 2023.
Percussion like drums, bass, guitar are the instruments used in this rock and
scintillating track by the band. The infectious sound with a hard rock rhythm and also a
memorable chorus produce a standout single. The attractive and gravelly voice of the
lead singer attracts to any listeners as it conveys energetic vibes. The superb
instrumentalists create a turbulent performance result in an electrifying effect who
anybody will want to listen to it again. The epic quality of the song and the sparkling
melody of the talented artists will have an utterly fabulous result in the music industry.
Frankly, this song deserves being listened as it’s very vibrant and lively. It spreads
energy and a good feeling.
One of the parts that impresses me most is the beginning and the end of the song
where the lead singer does a great intonation of the title of the song Click Bait and it
remains perfect in the track because he pronounces with strength and confidence
The desire and longing to attract attention and entice people to like, follow, and
click on internet links is something we have all come across in our internet careers. A
promise of problem-solving positivity which often turns out to be deceiving and
Well, Sig & the Fire Pilots encapsulate this notion in their song Click Bait.
About the song Click Bait, Sig from Sig & the Fire Pilots, exclusively stated for
headphonik that, ‘The song came about after Sig and his bestie were discussing how
people on the internet will go to extraordinary lengths to get others to like their page…
And they will try and entice them to click the link below by any means possible.’

The smooth, appealing vocals debut the single Click Bait, by Sig & the Fire
Pilots, with the repetitive click, click, click followed by the fantastically British
sounding … bait! The alluring vocals are quickly joined by the guitar and bass. The
snappy guitar riff, amplified and supported by the bass will attract and conquer. If your
head and body aren’t moving around in all sorts of sporadic directions by now, then just
wait for the drums to affix. This stabilising anchor, with the brassy cymbals, will take
you on a locomotive jaunt. In no time at all you will be fully immersed.
Fancy experiencing a little burst of energy today? Then you must listen to Click
Bait by Sig & the Fire Pilots. This little jewel of a song will have you moving and
singing along in a flash. The engaging soundscape will catch you hook, line, and sinker.
So put your headphones on and prepare to get snagged!
So don’t wait a minute longer to take the bait and listen to Click Bait by Sig &
the Fire Pilots. Yes, that’s right, feel free to click and like – all your problems will go
away! Or at least you will be pleasantly distracted for the duration of the track with the
possibility of putting it on looping to continue the experience!

Review made by Lucy Cicioni | Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion