Anirban Jee’s How To Be You is a remarkable addition to the Australian R&B
pop landscape. This review delves into the various aspects that make this song a
standout in its genre.
Anirban Jee is no stranger to success in the music industry. His previous
accomplishments, such as a top 10 nod at the 2014 Australian Songwriting Awards,
winning the 2015 Australian Songwriting Contest for his track Undecided, and securing
the top spot in the International Category at the 2017 Australian Songwriting Awards
with Deep Down, are impressive proofs to his talent and dedication. His most recent
work, Will Above My Wish, even earned a finalist position in the 2022 UK Songwriting
Contest. This track record establishes Jee as a notable artist with a consistent track
record of excellence.
However, How To Be You isn’t just another R&B pop song. It stands out as an
individuality, infused with contemporary funk and soul influences. The song’s
production, handled by multi-platinum Sydney producer Steve Peach, provides a rich
and immersive platform for Jee’s distinctive vocals. The combination of pulsating
grooves and sublime melody sets the song apart from the ordinary, making it both
convincing and transfixing.
What elevates How To Be You to another level is its heartfelt lyricism. It serves
as both an ode and a lifeline, paying tribute to the mentors and guiding lights in our
lives who shape our paths and offer wisdom during moments of triumph. This dual
aspect of personal insight and universal experience makes the song a perfect companion
for anyone navigating the labyrinth of their aspirations and setbacks.
The song goes beyond being just a piece of music; it extends a warm embrace to
those facing adversity. It’s an uplifting track that leaves a smile on your face and
encourages self-discovery. How To Be You conveys a simple yet profound truth:
happiness is the compass that leads us to our passions, and you are not alone in your
Musically, the track strikes a chord between nostalgia and a modern sound,
infusing melodies and lyrics that resonate. It becomes an anthem for those seeking
resilience and personal growth. Jee’s contribution adds depth and meaning, emphasising
the crucial role our community plays in our journeys. How To Be You reminds us that
our pursuit of excellence is, in many ways, a collective effort, and it celebrates those
who inspire and guide us.
The album art, created by Utsav Bagchi, adds a visual touch of tenderness to the
song’s genuine message. It reflects the love and unity that birthed this project, further
enhancing the song’s appeal.

Anirban Jee’s extensive experience as a decorated songwriter, coupled with his
commitment to crafting hits across various genres, highlights his enduring talent and
dedication to his craft. His ability to blend classic R&B with contemporary elements in
How To Be You shows his versatility and craftsmanship in the dynamic realm of
In the often-monotonous world of Australian R&B and pop, Anirban Jee’s
presence is a developing undercurrent. His career, characterised by slow-burning
constancy, has been marked by a series of accomplishments that illustrate his growth
and evolution as an artist.
Overall, How To Be You is a unique and moving standout track that is worth
recommending to every listener. Anirban Jee’s musical talent, combined with the song’s
thought-provoking lyrics and deeper message, makes it an excellent addition to the
R&B pop genre. The production, instrumentation, and Anirban Jee’s vocals all come
together to create an exceptional listening experience. It’s not just a song; it’s a warm
tribute and an psalm for personal growth that resonates with a broad audience. How To
Be You is a testament to Anirban Jee’s continued success and the compelling artistry he
brings to the world of music.

Review made by Lucy Cicioni