MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW I’ll Always By The Turner Brothers

The music industry has witnessed the emergence of numerous talented artists
and bands over the years, and amongst this vast sea of musical talent, The Turner
Brothers have managed to carve a special niche for themselves. The prolific singer and
their well-talented musicians have gifted the world with a bright and mesmerising song
titled I’ll Always. This isn’t just any ordinary track; it’s a musical gem that has been
given new life and released for the second time, making it all the more special. Let’s
dive deep into this soulful R&B, Adult Contemporary, and Pop fusion and explore the
elements that make it such an appealing piece of music.
The story behind I’ll Always adds a layer of intrigue to this track. Written in
1986 during a time when the band was known as Turner and Friends, it’s a testament to
the enduring nature of their musical journey. The song features a magnetic quality,
instantly drawing listeners in with its unforgettable and catchy chorus. The track’s allure
is further enhanced by its attractive voice and pure, expressive vocals, which convey
profound emotions and sadness with remarkable finesse.
One of the standout features of I’ll Always is its simplicity. The lyrics are
straightforward and heartfelt, which adds to the song’s beauty. The bright and soothing
vibes create a sense of relaxation, while the music possesses an epic quality that is both
haunting and moving. The song has a slow-moving storyline, giving the listener ample
time to immerse themselves in its emotional depth.
Musically, I’ll Always is a delightful fusion of R&B, Adult Contemporary, and
Pop genres. The melody is soothing and harmonious, contributing to the track’s
emotional depth. The rhythm is expressive and vibrant, adding a layer of musicality to
the release. The song’s core instrumental elements include keyboards, bass guitar, and
guitar solos, which collectively produce a high-quality sound. These instruments not
only complement the vocals but also elevate the track to a compelling and resonant
The Turner Brothers, consisting of John Turner on lead guitar and his brother
Kenneth Turner on bass guitar, have been an integral part of the music scene since the
1980s. Their unique blend of entertainment fuses 80s and 90s synths with bass guitar
grooves and wailing guitar solos, a combination reminiscent of iconic acts like the Isley
Brothers, Cameo, and The Brothers Johnson. In their latest release, the Turner Brothers
have enlisted the incredibly talented Kelsey D. as their lead vocalist. Discovered
through a music site that connects musicians and singers, Kelsey D. hails from
Charlotte, NC, and her vocals bring a strong and soulful dimension to I’ll Always.
The track was created in a spontaneous burst of creativity when John Turner was
in the studio, experimenting with new guitar chords. The resulting melody and the
skeleton of the lyrics laid the foundation for I’ll Always. As the rest of the band
members joined in, the catchy chorus hook, I’ll Always, was born. The song narrates a
tale of intense and enchanting love, an influential emotion that required an equally
powerful voice to do it justice. Kelsey D.’s soulful vocals, combined with John’s guitar,

Kenny’s bass, and some stunning horn playing, elevate I’ll Always into a truly
enchanting musical experience.
The fact that this is the second release of the song speaks to its enduring quality
and timeless appeal. Listeners are encouraged to give I’ll Always a listen as it is truly an
original piece of music. This release has the power to rekindle love-struck feelings and
offers a well-produced and masterfully executed sound that is instantly memorable. The
song is not just a musical journey; it’s an expression of inner feelings that will resonate
with anyone who has ever experienced the depths of love and emotion.
Overall, I’ll Always by The Turner Brothers is a shining example of the timeless
nature of music. With its blend of R&B, Adult Contemporary, and Pop influences, the
song delivers a soulful and moving experience. The expressive vocals, harmonious
melody, and well-crafted instrumentation make it an instant classic. If you’re in the
mood for a song that tugs at your heartstrings and takes you on an emotional journey,
I’ll Always is the perfect choice.

Review made by Lucy Cicioni | Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion