October also has its song by Medi.Ar.Phi

New release from Medi.Ar.Phi, alias Marco Pellegrini and Maurizio Villa, titled “Dreaming.” Music has the power to be a vehicle for exploration, taking us to places and moods that often remain unexplored. With this track, the duo continues their experimental journey through words and music, inviting the listener on an almost introspective voyage. “Dreaming” is a song that delves into the depths of the human mind, a bewildering maze of emotions and thoughts that often lead us to perceive new realities and truths. The song captures the feeling that dreams are the state that brings us closest to real life, a light and pure life that often eludes our understanding. Medi.Ar.Phi’s sound is immediately recognizable, with evocative and substantial touches. Their music seems to tap into an almost primordial dimension, awakening the true essence of the human experience. It’s a musical experience that lends itself to being listened to with closed eyes, a way to stay in touch with oneself and be carried away by the emotions and sensations that emerge. Describing the track, Marco Pellegrini calls it a “condensed” piece, a song that fully expresses its message in just two minutes and forty seconds. The minimal and almost evocative arrangement, reminiscent of The Beatles, uses two guitars, bass, and drums. The lyrics of the song can be described as dreamy or, as Maurizio says, “twilight.” With “Dreaming,” Medi.Ar.Phi continues to showcase their ability to create music that challenges conventions and guides the listener on a unique journey through the depths of the mind and soul. The track is an invitation to explore the unknown, a musical experience that reminds us of the power and beauty of music in leading us toward new emotional horizons. Available on all digital platforms and in our playlists. Article by Bluombre