In My Own Way by Tony Mangra is a musical journey that beautifully blends
elements of R&B, Pop, and Reggae, resulting in a song that’s not only soothing and
harmonious but also deeply expressive and emotionally rich. To fully appreciate this
track, it’s essential to consider the artist’s background and the cultural influences that
have shaped his music.
Tony Mangra’s life story, growing up in the Guyanese countryside, and later
moving to the USA, provides a unique perspective on his music. Having been exposed
to a diverse range of musical genres, from Indian music to reggae, calypso, and
Guyanese folk music, his music carries the essence of these cultural influences. This
diverse musical upbringing is clearly reflected in In My Own Way.
The song’s introduction to Tony’s musical journey and influences allows
listeners to connect with the artist on a personal level. It’s fascinating to learn about his
journey from Guyana to the USA and his dream of singing and recording music. This
background enriches our understanding of the artist and his motivations, making the
music more relatable.
As for the song itself, In My Own Way creates a serene island ambiance that
evokes feelings of calm, peace, and smoothness. The melody is unique and grows on
you as you listen, drawing you into its world. The chorus is catchy, and the lyrics are
heartfelt and expressive, further deepening the connection between the music and the
The slow-moving rhythm of the song allows you to fully immerse yourself in the
melody and lyrics. It’s a track that radiates high energy, making it truly remarkable in
its ability to enthral the audience.
Instrumentally, In My Own Way is a rich and well-crafted composition. The
combination of percussion, maracas, guitar, brass, keyboard instruments, and vocals
creates a professional and polished sound. The artists behind this track have showed
their skills and produced a high-quality piece of music that is both harmonious and
What sets this song apart is the seamless fusion of R&B, Pop, and Reggae
elements. This amalgamation results in a complex and vibrant composition that is
striking and memorable. It’s not easy to successfully meld these genres, but Tony
Mangra has managed to do so with finesse.
In summary, In My Own Way is highly recommended for anyone who
appreciates natural and peaceful music that can provide a sense of calm and
introspection. It’s a proof to the artist’s cultural roots, musical influences, and
undeniable talent. This song reveals the art of mixing different musical styles to create a
unique and compelling sound that resonates with the soul. Tony Mangra’s return to the
music scene is a welcome one, and this collaboration with Richard Potter has resulted in

a truly outstanding and unforgettable track. Don’t miss out on this release, as it is a
musical journey that will transport you to a world of tranquillity and joy.

Review made by Lucy Cicioni | Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion