MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Time Machine by Emme Lentino

Emme Lentino’s Time Machine is a mesmerising pop track that effortlessly captures
listeners with its ethereal vocals and vibrant instrumentation. Hailing from New
Zealand, Lentino delivers a performance that balances both tranquillity and dynamism,
creating an immersive sonic experience that resonates with audiences across borders.
From the very start, Time Machine unveils an appealing atmosphere that transports
listeners to a world of serene yet invigorating emotions. Emme Lentino’s angelic voice
takes centre stage, weaving a spellbinding narrative that revolves around universal
themes of love and hope. Her vocal prowess is undeniably a highlight of the track, with
her tones carrying a rich emotional depth that evokes a profound connection.
The song’s musical arrangement is equally attracting, featuring a skilful blend of
instruments that contribute to its sonic allure. The interplay of drums, guitar, and
keyboard enhances the song’s depth and energy, ensuring that no listener remains
untouched by its sonic waves. Lentino’s ability to seamlessly fuse these elements
creates a sparkling performance that is both fascinating and refreshing.
One of the standout moments of Time Machine is the concluding vocal passage, where
Emme Lentino delivers a poignant and powerful performance. This emotional
crescendo serves as a fitting finale, leaving a lasting impression on the audience and
solidifying the song’s impact.
The song’s personal inspiration, revolving around the concept of time travel and
curiosity, adds an additional layer of depth to the track. Emme’s childhood influences
and fascination with big questions shine through in the introspective lyrics, making the
song not only musically engaging but also intellectually intriguing.
Emme Lentino’s musical journey and accomplishments further highlight her
exceptional talent. With appearances on various television shows and media platforms,
as well as chart-topping success in Australia and New Zealand, she has clearly carved a
notable niche for herself in the industry. Her dedication to using music as a healing and
transformative force is evident, both in her music and her involvement with important
All in all, Time Machine by Emme Lentino is an enchanting pop track that shows the
artist’s remarkable vocal ability and songwriting prowess. With its compelling
melodies, expertly crafted instrumentation, and universal themes, the song has
undoubtedly earned its popularity and recognition in multiple countries. Whether you’re
a fan of pop music or simply appreciate finely crafted tunes, Time Machine is a musical
journey that’s well worth embarking upon.

Review made by Lucy Cicioni | Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion