MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Maria by La Need Machine

Maria, the latest single by La Need Machine, is a compelling and genre-defying
track that seamlessly blends elements of Americana, classic rock, and 1970s punk.
Hailing from the Seattle area, the band brings with them a unique Northwest Rock and
Roll sound, steeped in a community-support ethic that aims to make a positive impact
on society.
From the very beginning, Maria captures the listener’s attention with its
infectious melodies and driving rhythm, anchored by the evocative strumming of
guitars. The vocals soar with emotion and passion, delivering a heartfelt message that
resonates with audiences on multiple levels. La Need Machine’s ability to infuse their
music with a sense of purpose and meaning is evident in their dedication to donating
proceeds from their videos and streams to various charitable organisations.
The song’s thematic depth is one of its standout features. Maria serves as both
an anti-bullying anthem and a love song dedicated to all the Marias out there. This dual
message is masterfully woven into the lyrics, creating a powerful and uplifting
experience for listeners. The band’s commitment to addressing important societal issues
through their music is commendable and adds a layer of substance that sets them apart
in the contemporary music landscape.
Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of musical genres and bands, La Need
Machine crafts a sound that is uniquely their own. Elements of punk energy and classic
rock vibes blend harmoniously, while the influence of iconic artists like The Clash and
U2 shines through, infusing the song with a sense of purposeful rebellion and social
Overall, Maria by La Need Machine is a standout single that shows the band’s
musical talent and their dedication to making a difference through their art. With its
infectious melodies, profound message, and dynamic fusion of genres, the song leaves a
lasting impression on the listener. La Need Machine’s commitment to supporting
charitable causes and their determination to make a positive impact on society make
them an inspiring and commendable force in the music industry. As they continue to
carve their own path with their unique sound and meaningful lyrics, La Need Machine
is undoubtedly a band to watch for those who appreciate artists who use their platform
to create positive change.

Review made by Lucy Cicioni | Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion