MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Virtuality By The EliAli Project

The EliAli Project is a remarkable musical collaboration between two gifted
musicians, Eliezer Botzer and Lucky Ali, whose talent transcends borders and cultures.
The collaboration between Botzer and Lucky Ali is a reflection of their deep spiritual
connection, transcending the boundaries of religion, culture, and geography. Their
music speaks from a place beyond words, creating a dialogue that delves into the heart
and soul. The song Virtuality is their third release and shows their ability to blend
elements of rock, acoustic rock, and adult contemporary genres while exploring themes
of unity between Islam and Judaism.
Eliezer Botzer, known as Botzer, is an Israeli street artist with a unique
perspective on music and spirituality. After a decade of voluntary social work in India
and Israel, he entered the music industry with a fresh and honest voice. His music seeks
to unite faith and art, making him a standout artist in Israeli music.
Lucky Ali is a well-known and successful star in Asia, with recognition both as
an actor and a singer. Despite the fame, he is admired for his bold artistic choices and
has become an intriguing figure in India’s music scene.
Virtuality is a powerful song that addresses the collective experience of the
modern generation living in a technologically advanced era. Through compelling lyrics
and evocative melodies, the song explores the surreal landscape of virtual reality, while
highlighting the importance of genuine physical, emotional, and spiritual connections.
The song’s lyrics, written by Bob Stark, beautifully convey the dangers of tech
addiction and the need to stay grounded in the offline world. Lucky Ali’s singing
entirely in English adds a new dimension to the Eli Ali Project, creating a universal
prototype of unity with diversity. Virtuality features lush and cinematic arrangements,
combining elements of rock and acoustic rock with a touch of adult contemporary. The
music effortlessly flows between soft and powerful moments, elevating the song’s
emotional impact. Both artists deliver outstanding vocal performances, and the use of
The English language further facilitates the song’s universal message, making it
accessible to a global audience.
The music video accompanying the song is a captivating blend of
cinematography and visual artistry. Filmed and designed by artists in Ukraine just
before the outbreak of war, it captures the essence of this technological era, adding
depth to the song’s message. The EliAli Project’s choice to address the contemporary
issues of technology and truth through music demonstrates their commitment to using
their art for a meaningful purpose. They urge humanity to reconnect with reality and
seek the light of truth amidst the illusion of virtuality.
In conclusion, Virtuality by The EliAli Project is a powerful and stimulating
song that beautifully blends rock, acoustic rock, and adult contemporary genres. The
collaboration between Eliezer Botzer and Lucky Ali yields a profound musical

experience that resonates deeply with listeners. Their exploration of unity and
spirituality through music creates a timeless work of art with a relevant and significant
message for the modern world.
I would highly recommend for fans of thought-provoking rock and acoustic
music with spiritual themes, and those looking for songs with a meaningful message
about the impact of technology on society.

Review made by Lucy Cicioni | Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion