Chart topper Vineet releases his first single ‘Elevate’ in the Global Fusion genre.

World record breaking and chart-topping singer-songwriter, Vineet Singh Hukmani (aka Vineet), released Elevate , his first single in the global fusion genre. This genre allows for communication of global issues, flavoured with the local style of the artist’s origin country. The song has a global sound design enriched by the ethnic sounds of Indian semi-classical music.

The song is a mid-tempo, piano based composition, complete with live drums and the rich sounds of the Tabla and the Indian classical string instrument – the Sarod. The vocals are upfront and heartfelt as they deliver a message of one-ness to the listener. The lyrics of the song are very relevant, in a time, when people in the world are subjected to so much division & polarisation at every step.

The video uses vivid, lip syncing animated images of the legendary and revered teachers of unity & harmony, namely, Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Nelson Mandela and Albert Einstein. The visual back-drops in the video, seem like moving paintings of Indian and other cultures, with digital lip syncing images of Vineet himself, along with children of various ethnic origin.

The natural organic sound of the song coupled with the colourful and moving digital images of the video, make for a spectacular viewing and listening experience. The various ethnicities of the characters in the video, deliver the message of unity and harmony, in a very impactful and unique manner.

Vineet said : I have been very fortunate to be able to find chart success in various music genres but ‘Elevate’ is truly an uplifting experience, even for me. I hope people listen to the song and are reminded of the joyful power of unity and harmony, in a world where we are constantly subjected to so much division. Through this song, I would like to remind everyone, including myself, of the sacrifices that the great leaders of peace have made, so that we all can stay united!

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