MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Breathe In by Sisters J

Sisters J, comprised of Elisabeth and Lily Jackson, deliver a touching and
uplifting pop single with Breathe In. Produced by the renowned Ted ‘Theo’ Perlman,
this song shows not only their sweet and captivating voices but also their genuine
passion for creating music with a powerful message.
The song’s chorus, melody, and lyrics work harmoniously to create a memorable
and impactful listening experience. The up-tempo pace and outstanding vocals appeal to
pop music fans, while the surprising inclusion of biting electric guitar adds a refreshing
edge to the track, appealing even to rock enthusiasts. Ted ‘Theo’ Perlman’s contribution
as the music producer and performer further enhances the song’s musicality and energy.
One of the song’s most significant strengths is the seamless harmony between
Elisabeth and Lily’s voices. Their ability to blend their vocals together creates an
intimate and ethereal atmosphere that attracts listeners and makes them feel as though
the sisters are singing to each individual personally. This vocal synergy is the heart and
soul of the song’s success and sets Sisters J apart as a captivating duo.
At the heart of Breathe In lies its powerful message of hope and self-acceptance.
Elisabeth’s initial inspiration for the song came from her own struggles with anxiety
and stress, and she wanted to offer encouragement for others facing similar challenges.
The song urges listeners to remember who they are at their core and to find solace in the
love of a higher power. This heartfelt and sincere message resonates with a wide range
of audiences, making the song accessible and relatable.
Breathe In marks Sisters J’s continued transition into secular pop music while
still cherishing their faith. The versatility they exhibit by diversifying their sound is
commendable, and it opens up their music to a broader audience, allowing them to
reach more listeners with their meaningful messages.
Overall, Breathe In is a triumph for Sisters J, solidifying their position as
talented and authentic musicians. Their passion for singing and spreading messages of
love and light shines through in every note, and this song stands as a testament to their
dedication to creating music that connects with people on a deep level. As Sisters J
continue their musical journey, it’s evident that their talent and devotion to their craft
will leave a lasting impact on the music world, making them a duo to watch closely in
the years to come.

Review made by Lucy Cicioni | Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion