MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Black and Blue By Chris St John

Chris St John is an emerging talent in the music industry, and over the last two
years, he has shown remarkable growth and creativity in his songwriting. Having gained
recognition with his debut album I’m Dreaming in 2021, Chris has already achieved
critical acclaim and commercial success. His ability to write diverse songs that show his
velvety and emotive voice has set him apart as a promising artist.
Chris St John’s songwriting shines in Black and Blue, displaying his ability to
craft evocative and meaningful lyrics. The words paint a vivid picture, expressing
emotions of struggle and resilience. The song’s storytelling approach adds depth to the
overall musical experience.
Black and Blue is a standout track from Chris St John’s latest album, Fly Away.
The song delves into the Rock and Americana genres, reflecting the artist’s versatility in
blending different styles. With the help of legendary producer Stephen Wrench and
skilled session musicians from Nashville, Chris has created a memorable piece that
captures the essence of both genres.
The chorus of Black and Blue is appealing and infectious, leaving a lasting
impression on listeners. Its melodic and emotive qualities resonate with the listeners,
drawing them into the song’s narrative. As well as this, the melody of Black and Blue
flows effortlessly, revealing Chris’s musical prowess. It strikes a perfect balance
between the Rock and Americana elements, creating a harmonious and engaging sound.
Chris St John’s soft voice is one of his most defining features. It exudes warmth
and emotion, capturing the listener’s attention from the very start. He exhibits
impressive vocal control and range, effortlessly transitioning from gentle ballads to
powerful up-tempo tracks. This versatility adds a compelling dimension to his music.
The song incorporates a well-balanced mix of guitars and percussion,
complementing each other seamlessly. The guitars add a rich texture to the track, while
the percussion provides a solid rhythmic foundation. This combination creates a
attracting and immersive listening experience. Black and Blue maintains a steady and
infectious rhythm that keeps the song moving forward. The rhythm perfectly
complements the storytelling, enhancing the song’s emotional impact.
Black and Blue by Chris St John is a must-listen for fans of Rock and Americana
genres. With its heartfelt lyrics, captivating melody, and the artist’s velvety voice, the
song delivers a memorable musical journey. This track stands as a testament to Chris St
John’s artistic prowess and the potential for greatness in his future works. Here Chris
has once again proven himself as an artist to watch in the music industry.

Review made by Lucy Cicioni | Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion