MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW If Your Dog Don’t Like Him By Sassy VeZay

Sassy VeZay is an English Country rock pop artist based in Nashville,
Tennessee. Her journey in the music industry began with touring England as part of
tribute bands, showing her talent for performing and appealing audiences. Over the
years, she evolved into a versatile solo artist, mastering various genres and honing her
skills as a performer. Despite facing personal challenges, including the loss of her
parents and the end of a relationship, Sassy found solace in her music, using her
heartbreak as a source of inspiration to fuel her writing and recording journey.
If Your Dog Don’t Like Him is a remarkable Country Pop track that
demonstrates Sassy VeZay’s musical prowess and storytelling abilities. With its blend
of Country and Pop elements, the song presents a relatable and engaging narrative that
resonates with listeners. The song’s instrumentation, featuring percussion, piano, and
guitars, complements the Country Pop genre perfectly. The use of these instruments
creates a warm and inviting musical landscape that enhances the storytelling.
Sassy VeZay’s strength as a songwriter shines through in the heartfelt and
relatable lyrics of the song. The words paint a vivid picture, depicting the struggles and
uncertainties of navigating love and companionship. The clever use of the canine
perspective adds a touch of humour and uniqueness to the song’s storyline. The chorus
of If Your Dog Don’t Like Him is infectious and catchy, leaving a lasting impression on
listeners. It captures the essence of the song’s theme, expressing the dilemma of seeking
approval from a furry friend when it comes to relationships.
Sassy VeZay’s vocal quality is evident in her performance on this track. Her
vocals radiate power and emotion, capturing the essence of the song’s themes. Her
ability to convey both vulnerability and determination adds depth and authenticity to the
overall musical experience. The melody of If Your Dog Don’t Like Him is well-crafted,
with a perfect blend of Country and Pop influences. It strikes a balance between catchy
hooks and emotional moments, drawing listeners into the song’s emotional core.
If Your Dog Don’t Like Him by Sassy VeZay is a delightful addition to the
Country Pop genre. With its catchy chorus, heartfelt lyrics, and strong vocals, the song
showcases Sassy’s artistic growth and dedication to her craft. It’s a testament to her
ability to transform personal experiences into relevant and engaging music.
Overall this is a highly recommended track for fans of Country Pop and anyone
who appreciates authentic storytelling through music. Sassy VeZay’s talent and
resilience shine brightly in this song, and it’s exciting to see her continue to rise in the
Nashville music scene with her own band, fulfilling her dreams and honouring her
parents’ legacy.

Review made by Lucy Cicioni | Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion