MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW A Better Place by Eonian

A Better Place by Eonian is a compelling track that shows the band’s diverse musical talents and their penchant for blending various genres into a cohesive and engaging sound. Hailing from Italy, and performing in both English and Italian, Eonian brings together a group of artists with rich musical backgrounds, and this experience is evident in the seamless execution of the song. 

The instrumentation on A Better Place is particularly noteworthy, with a strong presence of piano and guitars, which form the backbone of the track. The guitar work enhances the intimate and heartfelt nature of the track, offering a touch of rawness amidst the polished production. The rhythm section, consisting of Antonio Valente on drums, Marcello Convertini on bass, Simone Sassi on keyboards and Ferruccio Rosellini on electric guitar, provides a solid foundation for the song’s progression. 

The lead vocals by Marcello Convertini convey emotive storytelling, and his bi-lingual singing adds an interesting dynamic to the song. Marcello Convertini’s skills shine through as lead vocalist with Paul Salvatore Ferrarotto on back-up vocals. This multitasking adds depth and dimension to the music, allowing different elements to complement each other harmoniously. Their chemistry and experience in the progressive rock world add a layer of complexity to the composition, ensuring that the track is engaging and never predictable. 

A Better Place is a standout track from their second album Pure as Gold, which follows their debut release I Still Believe in You. The band’s desire to communicate positive messages of hope and introspection is palpable in the song’s lyrics and overall atmosphere. With this release, Eonian demonstrates growth and artistic exploration while still maintaining their roots in pop, rock, and progressive styles. The track stands out as a blend of classic rock and easy-listening bilingual music, exuding an edge that attracts listeners from start to finish. 

In conclusion, A Better Place by Eonian is a spellbinding journey of musical prowess and positivity. The band’s unique fusion of genres, coupled with their individual talents, results in an exceptional piece of art that resonates with fans and newcomers alike. It leaves audiences eagerly looking forward to more soul-searching and uplifting music from Eonian in the future. 

Review made by Lucy Cicioni