Baba’s Beautiful is a charming anthem that effortlessly blends elements of pop
and pop-rock to create a tapestry of sound that leaves a lasting impact on the listener.
Baba’s previous releases have already garnered significant attention from global press
outlets, and Beautiful is no exception. From New Delhi, India, Baba, along with his co-
producer Aditya Paul, has crafted a song that embraces the beauty of imperfection
through thought-provoking metaphors and emotionally charged storytelling, ultimately
celebrating self-acceptance and empowerment.
One of the standout features of this track is the meticulous layering of 150 vocal
tracks, which creates a stadium-like atmosphere, and helps the listener to feel as if they
were immersed in a live performance. This attention to detail enhances the song’s
emotional depth, making it a truly complete listening experience. The track’s touching
lyricism and deep message resonate strongly with audiences, further solidifying Baba’s
reputation for creating music with lyrical depth and emotional authenticity.
The music video’s innovative creation by an AI called adds a visually
appealing element to the song, complementing the powerful emotions conveyed through
the music. This integration of technology and artistry reveals Baba’s willingness to
experiment and push boundaries, setting him apart as an artist with a unique vision.
Baba’s latest music is nothing short of admirable, demonstrating his effort as an
artist and his excellent vocal talent.
However, in the eyes of this reviewer, the most notable aspect of Beautiful is its
seamless transition from a soothing rhythm to a more energetic and lovely soundscape.
This change in tempo and tone is refreshing and keeps the listeners engaged throughout
the song. It highlights Baba’s ability to craft dynamic arrangements that keep the
audience on their toes and adds an element of surprise to the track. The predominance
of guitar sound in the track adds a classic touch while allowing Baba’s powerful vocals
to shine through. His bold delivery adds a unique and distinct quality to the song,
making it stand out in a crowded musical landscape.
Overall, Beautiful by Baba is a song filled with hope and positive vibes. The
memorable chorus and attractive voice draw the listeners in, making it an enjoyable and
uplifting experience. It is a recommendation for any music enthusiast, especially those
with discerning taste, as it offers a refreshing and captivating perspective on life.
Listeners are sure to find joy and inspiration in Baba’s latest creation. With its deep and
meaningful message, powerful vocals, and innovative approach to music production,
Beautiful is undoubtedly worth listening to.

Review made by Lucy Cicioni | Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion