MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW A Dream for Peace by John Krondes

Attention all lovers of The Memphis Sound!!! Singer and songwriter John
Krondes has made an appealing entrance into the music scene with his global release of
The End, featuring the renowned backing vocal group, the Jordanaires, who famously
supported Elvis Presley during the release of the movie Elvis. The collaboration
between John Krondes and the original musicians and singers who played with Elvis
Presley, as well as other music legends, has resulted in a remarkable collection of nearly
100 new recordings.
The second worldwide release by John Krondes, A Dream For Peace,
showcases a medley of Classical Dream and If I Can Dream. With the participation of
the American Sound Studio Band, known for recording Suspicious Minds with Elvis
Presley this medley holds a special significance. If I Can Dream was famously
performed by Elvis Presley in the ’68 Comeback Special and is also featured in the new
movie ELVIS.
The fusion of country, rock, blues, and gospel in John Krondes’ music has
caused excitement and delight among fans, with some mistaking his sound for Elvis
Presley himself. The collaboration with original musicians and singers from Elvis’ era,
along with additional legendary musicians, solidifies John Krondes’ role in keeping the
Memphis Rock alive. This New Memphis Rock, an unexplainable yet eerily familiar
genre that embodies the spirit of the iconic Memphis Sound has both connection to the
past and its undeniable presence.
The enigmatic nature of his music and the overwhelming response from fans
indicate that the Memphis Sound has returned to the airwaves with a new and exciting
force. The track features a wide range of instruments, elegant melody and strong vocals,
raising the listener and filling them with energy and vitality.
The song gives such a strong motivation that it creates a positive feeling in your
body so you cannot miss the opportunity to listen to it. Frankly, it’s worth playing and
listening to this splendid masterpiece. And then investigating the other works from this
exciting performer.

Review made by Lucy Cicioni | Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion