MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW No More Waitin’By Vicious Kitty

Vicious Kitty, a band born from the vibrant streets of Seattle, brings a refreshing dose of rock music to the scene. Led by frontman Matt Tantrum and supported by the talents of Jimmy St Bitchin and Tony (Bones) Terlicker, the band’s sound is deeply rooted in the essence of the city that raised them. 

Drawing from their experiences as veterans of the local scene and touring with various bands, Vicious Kitty has developed a strong sense of what it means to embody rock music. Their music is a reflection of their influences, capturing the gritty guitar sounds, hammering drums, and harmonised vocals that define the genre. While their sound may have familiar elements, there is a unique and exciting freshness to their music that sets them apart. This time the energetic Vicious Kitty band wants to delight us with a new release where guitars, percussion, drums and gritty vocals provides an infectious sound. The unique melody together with a frenetic rhythm gives a formidable Indie Rock Pop genre. 

This latest release, which is part of their upcoming album set to debut this summer, Matt Tantrum takes a personal approach to song writing. No More Waitin’ tells the story of his daughter’s experience as a teenager, infatuated with a musically talented boy at school. The song captures the frustration and emotional journey of wanting commitment but continually being met with excuses. However, his daughter’s strong self-esteem ultimately leads her to break free from the situation and find true love, resulting in a happy marriage. 

No More Waitin’ resonates with listeners who refuse to settle for being second best and won’t allow themselves to be led down a path of heartbreak. It’s a relatable and empowering message that carries emotional weight, amplified by the band’s passionate performance. The final part of the song is impressive with how they combine different expressive tones and gravelly voices to make the track more admirable with ups and down very well-produced, echoing the ups and downs of relationships and emotions. 

It’s catchy chorus with a punchy lyrics remove bad vibes from inside you, clear up your mind, and reflect a life without issues to deal with. Don’t change this song for anything. It’s evidence that this music group are developing in leaps and bounds. This standout single deserves remarkable recognition. 

Review made by Lucy Cicioni | Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion