MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW True to Your Word By Billy Gaines

Billy Gaines, with his remarkable career spanning over three decades, has established
himself as a highly sought-after studio vocalist and performer, mainly but not
exclusively in the Christian music industry. With an impressive repertoire of
achievements, Gaines has proven his versatility and ability to enthral audiences through
various mediums.
One of Gaines’ notable accomplishments is his success on the radio charts, with an
impressive ten number one singles. Additionally, Gaines has received recognition for
his talent through two Dove Awards, another significant achievement. These feats not
only reflect his vocal prowess but also highlight his ability to connect with listeners and
create music that resonates with a wide audience.
Gaines’ impact extends beyond his solo career, as he has collaborated with a diverse
range of artists including Peabo Bryson, Vanessa Williams, CeCe Winans, Amy Grant,
DC Talk, Carman, Nicole C. Mullen, and many others. Furthermore, Gaines has
appeared as both a singer and actor in Kathie Lee Gifford’s film The Way, where he
portrayed the character Moses, showing yet another facet to his impressive skillset.
Continuing to push boundaries and create new music, Gaines recently released his latest
radio single, True to Your Word. Co-written by Thornton Cline and Billy Gaines
himself, the song shows his ability to craft appealing melodies and heartfelt lyrics.
Produced by the legendary Ted Perlman, known for his work with iconic artists like
Whitney Houston, Diana Ross, Bob Dylan, Chicago, and Ringo Starr, True to Your
Word benefits from the expertise of a seasoned producer, elevating it to new heights.
True to Your Word is a very positive song with great vibes that fit in pop dance and
R&B Soul genres as it has features of both. It’s a fact that charges you with energy,
positivity and motivation. The superb instrumentalists of piano, guitar, keyboard and
bass help to obtain a memorable chorus with sheer quality of music. The rhythm grows
on you as you listen to the track.
A pleasant ballad in which it is obvious the singer, with his attractive gravelly voice,
enjoys singing it as much as we enjoy listening to it. Due to its bright sound and top-
notch production, I highly encourage you to listen to it; it is a truly amazing listening
experience regardless of age. And then explore other tracks by this artist, these are also
guaranteed to delight the discerning listener.

Review made by Lucy Cicioni | Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion