MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Ball and Chain By Wally Bartfay

Dr. Wally Bartfay, is well known as the “Rock N’ Prof,” teaching at Ontario Tech University and also writing and producing his own original music. Much has been written about the value of music in education and his work has helped and enhanced the experiences not only of his many students, but also a wider global audience. His accolades include recognition on various charts, including Euro Indie Music Chart, World Indie Music Chart, and BWNR music list.

Highlighting his own personal experience and his deep connection to his music, he has also used his work as a basis for research into music therapy for patients with Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Having witnessed the positive impact of music on his father, who suffered from vascular dementia, he embarked on a quest to explore the therapeutic potential of music. This demonstrates his empathy and dedication to improving the lives of individuals through his research and music.

As for the song, Ball and Chain tells the story of being in a controlling relationship with double standards and lies when it comes to love and the realisation that it’s time to break free and move on with one’s life. It’s a song that gets you energised ready to sing along at the top of your lungs. It’s a high-energy, foot-stomping anthem.

The singer makes good intonation when pronounces the lyrics of his song. He adopts different tones in his vocals, developed music techniques to sing and he combines deeper and lighter tones to give strength to his impressive voice. These tones add background to the story he is telling through the lyrics.

In my view, one of the most striking parts of the song is the sheer musical quality of the sounds of the electric guitar. The percussion is also relevant to take into account and it’s also primordial to obtain the country upbeat melody he has. The drums provide a strong beat and reinforce the strong tempo. This is true country spirit at its finest.

This is devoted and noteworthy person and artist, whose work transcends simple notes and song. Both as therapy for the mind or soul, or simply to enjoy a superbly produced and rendered track, I cannot urge people strongly enough to listen to this track. Do not miss out this enigmatic artist!

Review made by Lucy Cicioni | Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion