MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Wax Ecstatic by Fans of Jimmy Century

Jimmy Century, also known as FOJC (Fans of Jimmy Century), is a charming and genre-bending duo from Las Vegas, with Victor James as the vocalist and bassist/producer/video director and Mike Long as the drummer. Known for their unique style, FOJC has been making their name in the music industry. 

As a member of the AWAL/Kobalt/Sony Music family of artists, FOJC has been involved in various high-profile events. They hosted Grammy nominees and pre-party in their Las Vegas home in April 2022, displaying their growing influence and reputation. Another notable accomplishment for FOJC is their inclusion in the hit Netflix show Emily in Paris with their song Va Va Voom To The Moon. This exposure has helped them gain recognition and expand their fan base. In addition, their video was featured by media giant Pop Sugar in 2022, further establishing their presence in the industry. 

The duo’s comedic and satirical music videos have gained attention, such as their 70s-inspired prank music video for the iTunes-charting single Best of My Generation, which was featured as an NBA song for Giannis (The Greek Freak). This contrasts with their vampy and villainous track All My Friends Are Ice Queens, highlighting their versatility and penchant for pushing boundaries. 

FOJC’s album Modern Inferno features their unique cover of Sponge’s Wax Ecstatic and shows their ability to create engaging music that defies traditional genres. Their innovative approach to music extends beyond their song writing, as they also create characters that match the vibes and videos of their songs, creating a distinct and immersive experience for their listeners. 

Looking ahead, FOJC plans to relaunch their popular residency live production show Fatale Originale on the south side of the Las Vegas Strip in 2023. This promises to be an exciting venture for fans and newcomers alike, as FOJC continues to entertain audiences with their boundary-pushing music and immersive performances. 

Wax Ecstatic is a great tack for relieving pressure and anger. The melody is very unique and the chorus is catchy. In a modern alternative genre, the unusual rhythm together with the gravelly vocals make for a memorable uplifting track. The lyrics engender feelings of positivity and overcoming obstacles. 

Overall, Jimmy Century, or FOJC, is an original duo who have been making waves and strides in the music industry for quite some time. I would strongly encourage you not to miss this latest offering, full of adrenaline and energy. 

Review made by Lucy Cicioni | Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion