MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Crumble by Jason Shand

This stunning NYC-based recording artist captivates us once again with a remarkable four-minute love song that delves into the intricacies of co-dependency. It comes as no surprise that this track has become a fan favourite and is regarded as a signature song for the artist, who candidly admits having become distracted by life and other material pursuits, and thus having delayed the release of this track as a single. 

As for the song itself, Crumble showcases a resounding melody that lingers within, leaving a lasting impact. The song seamlessly follows the artist’s previous chart-topping singles, X Factor and The Petty Narcissist (Arctic Ocean), both of which reached the number one spot on the World and European Indie Charts. All three tracks, including Crumble, can be found on the artist’s latest album X-Factor; The Album. 

One aspect of Crumble that particularly stands out is its impressive introduction. The soothing acoustic guitar, delicate piano lines, lively percussion, keyboard harmoniously combine, resulting in a flawless synergy that defines the essence of this exceptional production. When Jason’s vocals enter the scene, his deep, calming voice effortlessly conveys a sense of tranquillity and optimism, allowing listeners to truly connect with his emotions. The melody itself is remarkable thanks to the perfect fusion of instruments and vocals. The track authentically embodies the pop-rock genre, evident in its infectious rhythm. 

If you’re seeking a moment of relaxation at any time of the day, this soothing music beckons you into a serene atmosphere – it’s undoubtedly a perfect track for those quiet moments. What’s more, the release’s duration is just right, ensuring that it provides a much-needed respite from unnecessary thoughts. I assure you, Crumble will not disappoint; it is a delightful masterpiece that deserves your attention. 

Review Made by Lucy Cicioni

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