Oceans in the Sky (formerly known as Mugen) released the single “Song of the Summer” with B-Side “Fake Holiday – Remix” on August 19 as a Summer 2-Pack on Heading East Records, the new label of Fred Mascherino known for his vocals and guitar in Taking Back Sunday and The Color Fred. These are the first songs to be released from the debut album “Parallels”.


    Song of the Summer was written and produced by Oceans in the Sky (Liam Frost) when he was living in Taipei. Frost wrote many versions but the song came together when he flew to Tokyo for Summer Sonic.

    Frost ended up traveling around Japan, inspired by the sights and sounds. The J-Pop hooks and lyrics poured out of him, matching seamlessly with 80’s drums produced by Brothertiger, the summer sun radiating from soaring synths and funky guitars, and a massive dance floor chorus. The song is about being with someone and hearing a great song and everything feels right. You know it’s gonna be your song of the summer.


    Fake Holiday – Remix was written and produced by Oceans in the Sky (Liam Frost) in Taipei and New York. The song was initially written as a Valentine’s Day gift. While it is labeled as a “remix”, it is the definitive version of the track, complete with a slinky RnB bass line grooving throughout the track, watery piano, full string and horn sections and a smooth falsetto chorus, reminiscent of 90s RnB with a modern spin (and a Chinglish rap verse).


Oceans in the Sky (formerly known as Mugen), Liam Frost’s high-energy solo project, began in 2013 with the release of his debut EP, Sparks. Since then, he has released singles, played solo and full band shows in China, Taiwan, and the U.S., and performed on TV and radio shows in Taiwan.

Back in New York City, Frost has assembled a band to support his live show and signed to Fred Mascherino’s (The Color Fred, Taking Back Sunday) Heading East Records. Oceans in the Sky will release five singles (and three music videos) before the debut album drops in January 2023.

The album is called ‘Parallels’ and spans countless genres with multilingual lyrics and catchy pop melodies but a punk energy throughout. Lyrically, the theme is no matter which side of the world Frost is on, he is looking for a sense of belonging. Musically, being biracial and multilingual/cultural, he sees parallels in Eastern and Western music and connects them.