World Chart Topper Vineet releases his first ‘Inspirational’ genre song – ‘Light of the world’

Light of the world by Vineet, is an upbeat song dedicated to those who
bring the light into your world. Anyone that brings back the faith when
you feel lost. It can be family, friends. It exudes the power of
providence. The Style/Genre is upbeat R&B with a touch of modern
day inspirational, even modern day gospel.
The song is about creating a comparison with sunshine, the light in all
our worlds, the providence behind life itself and then using that to
dedicate this faith enhancing feeling to the people around you who lift
you from the dark and bring back the light in your life.
The sonic treatment includes simple instruments like organ bass,
drums, piano and Hammond organs combined with rich vocal
harmonies to produce a hummable earthy sound. The kind of sound
that can be played live for a sing-along feel.
Vineet said ‘ Each genre of music / radio that I have entered in the last
2 years has allowed me to experience a new form of musical
expression. It feels great that mainstream radio stations in the USA /
Europe have accepted “Light of the World” making it #1 in a few
countries on Apple Music & a trending song on Shazam. I felt it was
time to thank the ‘light above’ and the people who are the ‘light in my
life’ for the mainstream acceptance of my multi-genre songs all over
the world, in such a short period of time!
The song can be listened to here :
Lyric Video of the song :
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