Let’s Go to the Hop…The Hip Hop!

Let’s go to the Hop, the Hip Hop Oh Baby!  More than a Rap Artist Tay
Solo bridges the lyrical gap between rhyme and prose, his songs are a
musical journey  reminiscent of Eminem’s early days. Tay gives that
fresh infusion to the music scene in an age where the common lick comes
out every day in droves.  Originally from the Philly suburbs but
currently residing in Florida, Tay Solo has been developing his craft
and integrating his style with the artists that inspired him, thusly
Resulting in  crafty word play.

 From Tay himself….: “I fell in love with hip-hop at a young age,
before I even knew what all the words meant. One day I heard my older
brother listening to The Eminem Show and ever since then I’ve been
hooked. Currently my biggest inspirations in the music biz have been
Eminem, J. Cole and Mac Miller.”

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