After releasing her debut EP Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned, ‘Betty Reed’ wanted to share with her fans a more intimate version of these songs. By changing up the tempo and key, and using only on an acoustic guitar and percussionist, the stripped-down songs are re-architected and re-imagined to showcase Betty Reed’s heartfelt lyrics and passionate vocals. Discover ‘Let It Out (Acoustic Version)’ the 13th April in Formula Indie

The single from the reimagined EP — “Let It Out (Acoustic Version)” — will be released on March 4, 2022. “I chose “Let It Out” as the single because out of all the songs on the EP, this one is the most personal. I cope with depression, as did my grandmother, and she believed a good cry was cathartic.

Although personal to Betty Reed, “Let It Out” was born out of a collaboration with Nashville songwriter, Evan Knutila. “Evan lent another perspective to my personal story, essentially that men who cry are deemed less manly, which carries the extra burden of being both ostracized and suffering the consequences of keeping their feelings bottled up.”

For the EP, Betty Reed, a Berklee College of Music graduate, collaborated with Nashville producer, Evan Redwine, who brought on acoustic guitarist, Nate Dugger and percussionist, Josh Hunt, to give these stripped-down songs a multi-layered, rich sound.

The title of the EP is derived from all the missteps the young singer/songwriter has taken in her life and career, putting it all behind her as she continues to move forward and grow as an artist. The songs on Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned (Acoustic Version) address the overarching theme (to varying degrees) of learning from past mistakes (or at least coming to terms with them) and finding the strength and desire to move forward. “Misunderstood” is about not being afraid to assert your boundaries and make clear that no means no. “Karma” is about getting that good life you deserve after breaking free from a toxic relationship. The chorus of “Happy” is the affirmation to herself that even on dark days, she knows that there will be happier days ahead. “Even though the subject matter of most of songs is serious, I mask it with an upbeat vibe—it’s this veneer of cheeriness that you feel you have to project in order to feel normal.”

Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned (Acoustic Version) will be released on March 25, 2022. The single, “Let It Out (Acoustic Version),” will be released on March 4, 2022.