Brilliant storyteller rapper ‘A.D.’ deliver a wonderful track ‘Whoa Feat. MC Beastly And Weez’ that will debut in Formula Indie the November 12th!

Brilliant storyteller rapper ‘A.D.’ deliver a wonderful track ‘Whoa Feat. MC Beastly And Weez’ that will debut in Formula Indie the November 12th!

If different is what you’re looking for then different is what you’re gonna get when you press
play. UK rapper A.D. links up once again with MC Beastly and Weez to deliver a song unlike
any other you’ve heard before. The song drops across all major streaming platforms on
September 24th.
What do you get when you mix a UK rapper who spits like an American, a rapper with an
alter ego and a female MC who works as hard as she plays (but you’d never know the
difference)? SImply put, it’s one of the most interesting collaborations you’ll ever see that just
works. A.D. kicks the song off with his iconic characteristic delivery, never missing a beat to
be braggadocious before jumping into the catchy hook: “What you gon’ do? Whatchu
whatchu gon’ do now?” Next up is MC Beastly a.k.a Cerulean a.k.a. The Smalltown Dreamer
who comes in with a decidedly more British delivery to his bars, in stark contrast to A.D.’s
hook but still a killer. Pay close attention to all his double entendres because his verse is
littered with them – he’s got two voices for a reason. Last but not least comes Weez’s
“devil-may-care” verse which is unapologetic and a huge wake up slap to the listener. This
verse goes out to all the ladies, especially black women, who’ve got something to say and
can say it with their chest. It’s hard to say what this song’s like because it simply doesn’t
compare to anything else…it’s catchy, it’s lyrical, it’s fun, it’s high energy, it’s unique…it’s
A.D. is a UK-based independent rapper hailing from Hemel Hempstead, England. His sound
revolves largely around an American-Hip Hop style and versatility is the name of the game
with A.D., demonstrating that there’s no section within or surrounding Hip Hop he can’t

Hailing from Eastleigh MC Beastly is a second persona created by Cerulean Sounds to
solidify his skills as an MC and collaborator in the Hip Hop space. Ever growing to quickly
become a prominent lyricist MC Beastly isn’t to be underestimated. His creativity as both
Cerulean Sounds and MC Beastly speaks for itself.

Weez is one of many female MCs coming out of South London but she’s built far too
different. She lets her bars do the talking and isn’t afraid to switch the flavour up from
everything else anybody in the game is doing. Production, songwriting, rapping, singing and
a stage presence that commands your attention, Weez is a whole package plus some

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