HyperHungarianTalented Linda from Budapest setted up to debut in Formula Indie with ‘Losing my mind’

A new talent is on fire, directly from Budapest, Hungary ‘Linda‘ show us their new super catchy and fresh song ‘Losing my mind’ setted up to debut in the Formula Indie in the episode of the 15th October

after an absence of Hungarian artists for over 3 years now finally the Euro Indie Music Chart will be able to have the new Hungarian talent (who sings with perfect English!)

Linda says this about her

Trip to Myself is my solo album, after I had a 10 year break in my music career since my last album. The pandemic helped me to find my way back into music. I am working on a project of 12 songs, each song will have an aviation/flying video, so the instrumentals and songs are composed in the way as the planes are easy to manoeuvre to them. This songs, are from my heart. Each having a different style/genre. Losing my mind is simply disco, funk. Enjoy, and “shake it shake it!”