“Canta balla” – Iko Iko italian version. Seba Salonia returns

After a long silence and the publication in 2019 of the song “Amore scusami” returns with a similar cover written and produced with his brother Safil.
And this return starts with a bang! Suffice it to say that the video exceeded 50,000 views in just 15 days.
A song that transmits joy and desire to sing and will certainly continue to make our mind fly to the summer just ended.
Even the video is fitting and themed with the mood of the song. A nice production job.

“It was not a simple job at all”, says Seba, “remaking a song already known is not easy and will probably never be repeated. Just think that we wanted to publish it at the end of June, but we didn’t succeed. “
Seba continues: “now the desire to sing is back and soon there will be new releases”.

The text of the song has been completely redone and has seen the praise of the interpreter Justin Wellington.
This song, among other things, has a long history that began as far back as 1954.
Then Justin Wellington, recorded it in 2017 and released it in 2019.
It comes to us in 2021 and will leave a long trail of pure joy.

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Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dW1C519Ky7E
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/4YzMjAZgadPj0R2mTyFnIv?si=643006b85fdf45c1