Hagy Lane Covers Duran Duran Hit For New Single “Ordinary World”

It can be hard to get a remake right.. But Hagy Lane has done it with
Ordinary World, originally done by Duran Duran, Hagy Lane has done
justice to the song, something that can not be said for everyone
attempting to cover a classic. Make sure to check out the song along
with the others on the newly released EP. Now streaming everywhere.

The new EP from Hagy Lane is now out.. The Nu Metal Maestro  whose Dark,
mysterious, trap, industrial /nu metal, is packed with ripping guitars
that create the stage for the deep melodic vocals to stand on. Hagy Lane
sounds like no other music endeavor, with influences ranging from Linkin
Park to Depeche Mode, and with an electronic style matching Skinny Puppy
and Ghost Mane. Hagy Lane moves in with a sound that can make you raise
your fist in rebellion or create a somber feeling through layered
vocals. This is music that will not disappoint and will strike a chord
in a variety of walks of life!!!!

Hagy Lane was conceived in 1997 with Drakka writing material from home.
In 2000, 2 song demos were made and distributed through friends with
very positive feedback. As time permitted Drakka continued to write and
was able to enter the studio early 2006 and 2007. Drakka recorded an EP
titled “In The Beginning” which received positive reviews, but due to a
very young family Drakka was forced to put the project on hold. Since
then he has been diligently working on a library of songs which were
released October 2020. Short term goals include a full length album and
web design, social media, and online store for merchandise.  Long term
goal would be to secure a team of professionals as well as a long term
recording contract.

At present Hagy Lane is fronted by Drakka Lane as a multi
instrumentalist, producer, and writer of all material. In the near
future it is hoped that new recruits will be added to the roster.

Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/lane2hagy

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hagylane.official/