Record breaking chart topper Vineet, Releases his first Funk pop single ‘WTF’

WTF. Where’s the fun?is a new Funk pop song by record breaking chart topper Vineet.

WTF. Where’s the fun, lyrically, provokes people who hoard things and don’t have fun with them. For example, they have a lot of party clothes, but they don’t dance, or they have a funky ride, but they don’t drive, or 1000 numbers saved on their phone, but they don’t call their friends! The song pushes you to put your locked up possessions to some ‘fun use’ for yourself and others around you. So, where’s the fun in ‘just keeping it and not enjoying it’ or saving for a rainy day, instead of doing something mind blowing now!

One of the universal means to entertain and unwind is going to a movie. The Big Screen was always Big Fun. The Big Movies on the Big Screen provided a fun escape like none other.

The single cover and video of the song are a tribute to missing BIG SCREEN FUN! The video starts with an empty theatre, but then, most of your favorite and iconic characters from Marvel and DC do a dance battle, grooving to the song. This emphasizes the question ‘Where’s the Fun’ but also answers it saying – Its right here when you want it to be.

Vineet said, ‘I am inspired by my pop funk idols like James Brown, Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, Red Hot Chili peppers & Jamiroquai! Ofcourse the song is done in a way that makes it my own original take on the hot funk genre!

In today’s times when we are restricted, and we need a release WTF is a ‘come on get up and dance’ kind of song. The Hot ‘Funk’ genre is known to be a ‘crazy steam release’ where you just get up, feel the energy in your veins, question the status quo around and dance till you admit you’re crazy cool!

Musically, the song uses both real and digital layered drums, funky basslines bordering on some funky disco grooves with a modern day ‘get your ass up’ vocal sound. The overall mix has a balance of heritage funk and new age production to help it have the funky retro vibe and still be relevant as a ‘today song’

Vineet was earlier awarded and certified by MEI Indipendenti & EIMC, holding the record as the first artist in the world in 2021, to have 6 of this singles reach the number 1 position on the European Indie Top 100 chart.

Listen to WTF here:

Watch the ETF Video here: