Michelle Ward with Dolly Daydreaming

Offering up a musical style that is rarely seen nowadays Michelle Ward
echos the vocal prowess of classic soul and Jazz singers. The sultry
crooners of days gone by are revived in Her debut single “Dolly
Daydreaming”. Poised  to rise to the Top Of The Pop  this is the first
song from her forthcoming EP “Secret Songs.

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Best put by Michelle herself

“Dolly Daydreaming. It’s about a friend who is having an affair with a
married woman. He is infatuated, it’s a fiery combination, arguments,
game playing, cheating. She cheats on her husband and her lover cheats
on her. They are both jealous of each other. He dreams of a perfect life
together, but nothing kills romance, like a touch of reality. Written in
the friend’s perspective, it shows how friends push, shove you out of
the way when a new relationship appears. So best to sit back and watch
the fireworks!”

Michelle Ward….Hailing from London UK…. Singer, songwriter and radio
presenter. Working in  the background of the music scene  but she was
always singing. She began recording a few years ago with her own
original material. She  was given my best mate’s keyboard and has  used
that for most of my songs along with the guitar. Her style is 
pop/soul/jazz/vibey/reggae/pop a mishmash of influences. Writing
emotions out of her songs and so put it to bed (hopefully) Michelle
works alongside the amazing Ed Rome (Producer) they find a pathway for
the music building up the song in layers; she sings some parts for
musicians to copy, and takes guidance when needed. cultimiating in
Whatever flows flows.

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