EP Review: Cory M Coons “33.3”

Cory M. Coons is well-deserving of praise for his latest project. The east Ontario native has spent his thirty-odd years on Earth delivering his heart and soul in audio form to audiences across the country and beyond. His signature melodic take on the Americana genre with rustic rock riffs and unbridled amounts of energy make listening to his music an addictive habit to pick up. His new EP, “33.3,” is a, fittingly, three-track adventure that builds upon Coons’ well-rounded sound while giving fans, new and old, another glimpse inside the psyche of the rocker. The intro track, “Leavin’,” shows him reminiscing about past experiences while seeking a change as he is “running out of reasons for the distance in between.” “Good Times Gone” once again opts for an instrumental peppered with joyful chord progressions but melancholic lyrics focusing on the former times of old. Coons showcases amazing vocal quality throughout the runtime and has a knack for songwriting, and this is truly a passion project, as we hear him like never before. Vulnerable and raw, Coons continues to stun the world, one track at a time. – Colton Devonshire