The Impersonators “Cloud Nine”: In The Top Echelon Of Indie Rock

A collaboration between former Sony/BMG artist Tom Tikka and lyricist Antii Autio, The Impersonators is an act inspired by the charm of 60s acid-laced pop/rock. Crafted with a modern sonic palette, ‘Cloud Nine’ is a fresh single imbued with a flavour of retro-coolness. Producer Janne Saksa presents tight drums, British guitars and subtle synthesis on a panoramic soundstage. This places the track in the top echelon of indie rock, and a sardonic slant on Tikka’s vocal delivery crosses the border into the alternative realm. If you can imagine REM and Interpol trading secrets, this song is the result. From start to finish, The Impersonators make a clear statement that they intend to ascend the charts with ‘Cloud Nine’.  – TMC