2-Tour Gulf War Veteran’s Band Pays Tribute To Military Family Members On Unreleased Track

“Coming Home” is a previously unreleased Veterans Day tribute from international rock duo, Follow No One.

Many rock and metal fans know that Follow No One’s Rich Hall possesses one of the most impressive vocal ranges of recent memory. What is not widely known is that Rich is a two-tour US military veteran of the Gulf War. In fact, Rich comes from a long family line of military service. While Rich served his two tours of duty in the Gulf with C 3-43 ADA(The Scudbusters), his father served in Vietnam with the Big Red One, and his grandfather served with the 82nd Airborne at Normandy and the Battle of the Bulge. So, it’s no surprise that Rich and his guitar counterpart, Portugal’s Pedro Murino Almeida would come up with a special way to honor our troops on Veterans Day.

“Coming Home” is a one-of-a-kind, previously unreleased track from Follow No One. The song, written from the perspective of Hall’s family members, has been reserved for the remembrance of veterans both alive and passed. Listen to “Coming Home” at https://youtu.be/fWzJYoLvyMw.

ABOUT FOLLOW NO ONE: Rich Hall is an American-born singer/songwriter & pianist and all things synth. Rich began performing at a young age in theater, but found his true calling performing & writing music. Rich currently resides in Pueblo, Colorado.

Pedro Murino Almeida is a native of Portugal with roots in Brazil, classically trained in composition & a guitar virtuoso in his own right. His work has been featured in film & video, as well as having a successful career involving his own musical acts.

Follow No One is a 2019 Josie Music Awards Winner for Best Rock Act.

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