ren.y.c, an emerging force in the hip-hop scene, distinguishes herself with a
unique fusion of gritty trap and drill beats, coupled with catchy melodies that capture
raw and emotionally charged storytelling. Beyond the beats, her music carries a mission
to spread positivity and raise awareness about social issues, all while maintaining a
family-friendly approach. ren.y.c’s values, rooted in family, health, and fitness, shine
through in her work, drawing inspiration from diverse sources such as car rides, outdoor
activities, and the gym. Her deep connection with God weaves a spiritual thread into her
music, delivering heartfelt messages that resonate with listeners.
In her debut single, Wicky, Ren.y.c crafts a narrative that explores life and
dreams in the shadow of gun violence. Despite the heavy subject matter, the track
boasts an upbeat trap sound, subtly conveying a message against school shootings. The
accompanying video further amplifies the anti-violence message, adding explicit visual
elements to the hopeful undertones present in the music and lyrics.
ren.y.c’s creative process for Wicky reflects dedication and resilience. Facing
technical glitches that deleted the entire back end of her work, she persevered through
22 revisions, demonstrating her commitment to the artistic process. The lyrics
intricately blend glimpses of everyday life and her journey as an artist with powerful
appeals against violence and guns.
In her self-bio, ren.y.c lays out five declarations about her music, emphasising
her fearlessness in addressing social issues, a family-friendly approach, alignment with
her values, a connection to God, and a commitment to elevating hip-hop culture with
positivity, love, and self-expression.
The trap and drill beats she embraces, originating from drug and gang culture,
serve as a backdrop for her desire to convey meaningful and positive messages. Despite
delving into serious topics like school shootings, ren.y.c’s overarching goal remains
clear — to make people feel good through her music.
Wicky not only delivers thought-provoking lyrics and expressive tones but also
carries an inspiring message. ren.y.c’s pure vocals, striking chorus, and great skill
contribute to an eclectic sound that resonates with authenticity. The track projects the
right vibes throughout, combining memorable verses, epic quality, high-energy flows,
an invigorating pace, and appealing music.
One standout element is the astonishing and unique melody created by
synthesisers and keyboards, complementing the lead singer’s vocals. ren.y.c’s
professionalism and talent are evident in achieving a top-notch production. The
originality of the track’s start, coupled with an uplifting rhythm, elevates the listening
In the realm of pop and hip-hop genres, Wicky shines as a refreshingly different
and musically engaging piece. As ren.y.c embarks on her recording artist career, the

promising debut of Wicky is just the beginning. With plans for two more releases, Sick
and Shot, along with accompanying videos, ren.y.c is poised to make a lasting impact
on the hip-hop scene. For anyone seeking great music with a positive and authentic
touch, Wicky is undoubtedly worth a listen.

Review made by Lucy Cicioni | Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion