Jack Radics Quote Regarding His UK Release Of “Love Is” 

Special thanks to Lucy Cicioni for the wonderful review. “Love Is”, is a song close to my heart for several
reasons. I wrote, arranged, and produced the song, it was fun arranging the dialog between the
“Love Is” was inspired during many hours seated in airports watching people bid each other farewell. As
families, friends, lovers, business associates, teams, elders, and kids, as they bid each other farewell, a
spark of love arced between them. Today when there seems to be so much conflict in the world, it is a
good time for us to remember what we all have in common. Let’s celebrate our differences and find a way
to coexist on and with our beautiful planet.
Also special thanks to Herman P-Nut Johnson, Jubu Smith for his impeccable guitar work, Tami Lowray,
Libby Anthony for unwavering support, Ronnie Garrett of The Bass’Mint, where the recording was done,
Karvin Johson and KES, my management for remaining my steadfast and positive foundation, and all
who made this project possible. #love, #loveislove, #peace, #ukraine, #gaza, #Venezuela, #congo, earth, #climate, #jackradicsm @jackradicsmusic, @music, @ronniegarrett11,

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