MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Catwalk Trance By Mirosonic, Freya Betts & Tania Martin

Catwalk Trance, a collaborative masterpiece by Mirosonic, Freya Betts, and
Tania Martin, emerges from the creative fusion of techno beats and vocals, delivering a
compelling musical journey that transcends traditional boundaries.
The genesis of the song, sparked by a suggestion from Pro Copy’s Mark
Whitehouse, led to a collaboration with WA vocalist Tania Martin and her daughter
Freya. The result, Catwalk Trance, is a fully realised incarnation that beckons listeners
into an area of drama and tension, mirroring the steps of a catwalk or a pulsating
The vocals by Tania and Freya inject a new dimension of emotion and depth into
the already epic composition. Their lyrical contribution elevates the track to new
heights, creating a synergy between music and voice that is both entrancing and
Accompanied by a visually stunning music video, courtesy of Whitehouse, the
fusion of fashion and futurism is palpable. The international distribution handled by
Musik and Film Records ensures a global reach for Catwalk Trance, establishing it as a
dynamic force in the music scene.
Mirosonic’s commitment to his craft is evident as he navigates the delicate
balance between inspiration and perspiration. The track, born out of a desire to capture
the essence of catwalk parades and dance floors, evolves into a rhythmic and expressive
journey that defies genre conventions.
The collaboration with Tania Martin and Freya Betts adds layers of complexity,
with Freya’s vocal melody weaving seamlessly through the composition. The heavy
bass lines and synth parts, meticulously crafted by Mirosonic, contribute to the song’s
magnetic allure.
Catwalk Trance is a sonic marvel, boasting an infectious sound that runs through
the entire track. The stirring effects, coupled with high-energy flows from synthesisers
and keyboards, create a powerful and skilfully produced auditory experience. The
song’s mid-tempo pace and epic quality make it a standout single in the fields of Pop
and Electronic EDM genres.
What sets Catwalk Trance apart is its ability to inspire, provoke thought, and
deliver calming tones amidst the electrifying beats. The lyrics leave a lasting
impression, and the memorable verses contribute to an overall pleasurable and mildly
flabbergasting experience.
All in all, Catwalk Trance is not merely a song but a meticulously crafted work
of art that demonstrates the dedication, creativity, and talent of Mirosonic, Freya Betts,
and Tania Martin. It is a proof of the transformative power of collaboration and the

enduring spirit of innovation in the ever-evolving landscape of music. Highly
recommended for those seeking a truly original and enriching musical journey.

Review made by Lucy Cicioni | Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion