MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Where Are You? By Steve Brooks & The Fourth Level

Steve Brooks & The Fourth Level’s Where Are You? stands as a proof to the
multifaceted talents of Steve Brooks, an artist who effortlessly wears many hats in the
music industry. His journey, combining the life of a seasoned musician and the depth of
a Master’s degree in music, culminates in a contemporary folk tale that unravels new
layers with each listen.
The band’s identity as an Americana Rock outfit is painted with authenticity and
a compelling narrative. Brooks, having navigated the spectrum from smoky dive bars to
acoustically pristine music halls, brings forth a soundscape rooted in the rich
storytelling tradition of American music. The overarching theme of their latest concept
album, Between The Sun & Moon, draws inspiration from the age-old legend of a
musician tempted by the devil at the crossroads, exploring the complex dynamics
between art, temptation, and redemption.
Brooks’ songwriting prowess shines in the intricate layers of meaning woven
into each composition. His songs wear three hats simultaneously — personal narratives
filtered through metaphor, relatable stories that resonate universally, and a backdrop of
mythological, spiritual, or folk traditions. Where Are You? exemplifies this approach,
encapsulating the universal feeling of longing for a soulmate while remaining enigmatic
enough to invite personal interpretation.
The album’s thematic depth extends to She Comes Around, the concluding track,
where the protagonist finds improvement by staying true to his artistic path and resisting
the allure of compromise. Brooks excels in crafting songs that invite listeners to
immerse themselves in the narrative, leaving room for personal connections and
The titular track, Where Are You?, stands out as a pinnacle of musical
expression. Its harmonious melody, meticulously crafted verses, and impeccable
instrumentation showcase the band’s proficiency. The mid-tempo pace, coupled with
skilful guitar performances, creates a musical landscape that is both appealing and
evocative. The electrifying effect of the composition is heightened by Brooks’ upbeat
vocals and heartfelt lyrics, contributing to an overall memorable and emotionally
resonant experience.
The Americana Rock and Folk Rock genres are elevated by the distinctive voice
of Brooks, complemented by outstanding guitar and percussion elements. The single is
masterfully executed, demonstrating a profound emotional depth and musical
engagement. It not only delivers an inspiring message but also serves as a nostalgic
journey, invoking cherished memories.
In essence, Where Are You? by Steve Brooks & The Fourth Level is a musical
masterpiece that transcends genres. Its rich storytelling, masterful execution, and
emotional resonance make it a must-listen for anyone seeking a profound and attracting

musical experience. Don’t miss out on this stunning success that seamlessly blends the
personal and the universal, leaving an indelible mark on the listener’s soul.

Review made by Lucy Cicioni | Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion