MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Hamster Wheel by Sam Feinstein

Hamster Wheel by Sam Feinstein is a vibrant and infectious 80s-inspired synth-
pop song that delves into the frustrations of individuals trapped in the daily grind,
unable to attain the aspirational lifestyle presented by the media.
Sam Feinstein, a talented singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from
Peabody, Massachusetts, shows his East Coast flavour through a perfect fusion of
emotive lyricism and dynamic production in this track. Born out of his passion for
music since age 7, Feinstein’s diverse understanding of various instruments, including
guitar, cello, bass, upright bass, percussion, harmonica, and synths, contributes to his
genre-diverse musicality.
The release enthrals from the opening notes, with Feinstein’s evocative vocals
intertwining with an intricate musical arrangement. The masterful instrumentation,
characterised by layered textures and nuanced melodies, highlights Feinstein’s prowess
as both a singer and a songwriter. The production strikes a delicate balance between
introspection and energy, creating a appealing atmosphere that resonates on a profound
Hamster Wheel is not just a song; it’s a commentary on the frustrations of those
stuck in a monotonous job and unable to afford the aspirational lifestyle portrayed by
the media. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the relentless pursuit of success,
encapsulated in the metaphor of a hamster wheel. The high-paced guitars and drums
capture the pulsating heartbeat of individuals caught in this ‘hamster wheel,’ while the
synths introduce a hopeful element amid the societal pressures.
Despite being a solo effort from Sam, Hamster Wheel also marks the return of
his synthpop band, The Monitors, who play a crucial role in the song’s sonic landscape.
The band, previously on hiatus due to the loss of a founding member, is making a
comeback, adding excitement to Sam’s future releases.
Feinstein’s deep voice is highlighted well in the production, where a myriad of
instruments and sounds swirl around him, creating a danceable beat. The lyrics, filled
with irony, provide a thoughtful and enjoyable listening experience, making the serious
subject matter more palatable.
The production quality of Hamster Wheel is exceptional, demonstrating
Feinstein’s skills and dedication. The fusion of synth-pop and 80s-inspired elements
creates a sound that is both special and well-crafted. The beats and melodies blend
flawlessly, offering an entrancing experience that keeps the listener hooked.
All in all, Hamster Wheel is more than just a track; it’s a proof of Sam
Feinstein’s creativity, musical journey, and dedication. It stands out as a noteworthy
contribution to the contemporary music scene, delivering a powerful message wrapped
in an infectious and enjoyable synth-pop package. If you’re looking for a musical
journey that transcends boundaries and resonates with the complexities of modern life,

Hamster Wheel is a must-listen. Sam Feinstein has not only left a lasting impression but
has also carved a unique path in the music industry, honouring his roots and exposing
his artistic evolution.

Review made by Lucy Cicioni