Berto, a native of Los Angeles and Orange County, emerges as a genre-defying
artist with his debut album Relámpago Romántico. The album serves as a sonic
expedition, delving into complex themes and tracing the artist’s path towards clarity and
growth. Despite the diversity of influences, the lead single Papi Guapi stands out as a
triumphant conclusion to this musical journey.
Berto’s musical prowess lies in his ability to evoke the pain of lost love through
simple yet effective songwriting. His lyrics and melodies resonate within the recesses of
the listener’s psyche, creating a profound emotional connection. As a skilled musician,
Berto understands the power of music to soothe the soul, and Papi Guapi is no
The artist, rooted in the cultural richness of Los Angeles and Orange County,
introduces a fresh wave of synth-pop that transcends cultural boundaries. Papi Guapi
not only shows Berto’s diverse musical roots but also establishes him as an artist to
watch in 2024.
Berto’s bilingual lyrics seamlessly switch between Spanish and English,
reflecting his cultural background and adding a unique twist to the synth-pop genre. His
vocal agility creates an immersive experience, blending traditional elements with
contemporary sounds. The track’s allure lies in its multi-dimensional production, fusing
Berto’s vocals with new wave instrumentals and 80s-inspired elements, creating a
dreamy and nostalgic atmosphere.
Beyond its musicality, Papi Guapi serves as a cultural bridge, celebrating
diversity in synth-pop. Berto’s innovative approach and storytelling position him as a
rising star, exposing his versatility and ability to blend cultures within the genre.
As a Spanish singer-songwriter and pop artist, Berto brings a sensual and
romantic vibe to his debut single. Papi Guapi is an expressive journey filled with
youthful strokes of melancholy, heartache, dreaminess, and passion. The composition is
artistically distinct, marrying jazzy interludes, bluesy ribbons, and sedating bedroom
pop accents into a timeless loop of romance.
The debut release projects sophistication in both vision and execution. Berto’s
vocals are versatile, adapting to the energy of the sonic atmosphere. The composition
stands at the fringe of lo-fi funk pop ambience and dance music, creating a fresh and
unique sound.
Instrumentally, synthesisers and keyboards take centre stage, producing a
soothing backdrop. The relaxing melody and harmonious rhythm invite listeners into an
atmosphere of rest and relaxation. Midrange tones, mellow tunes, a memorable chorus,
and a peaceful musical quality contribute to the overall appeal of Papi Guapi.

In the realm of synth-pop, Berto’s debut single is a remarkable entry that
positions him as a promising talent in 2024. Hailing from the vibrant locales of Los
Angeles and Orange County, he brings a refreshing and eclectic sound that defies genre
constraints. The bilingual vocals, innovative production, and a unified blend of
traditional and contemporary elements make Papi Guapi a standout track in the genre.
As the final track of Berto’s debut album, Papi Guapi holds a special place in
the narrative arc, leaving a lasting impression on listeners. Its strength lies not only in
the instrumentation but also in the singer’s intonation, encouraging anyone to indulge in
this soothing musical moment. The track, despite its brevity, captures the essence of
relaxed tones, making it an ideal choice for a tranquil listening experience.

Review made by Lucy Cicioni