MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Nothing but Love B (MG) By James Deam Baker feat. Travelle Moore

Emerging from the vibrant London music scene, James Dean Baker and Travelle
Moore deliver an electrifying debut with their single, Nothing but Love B (MG).
Recorded at the esteemed Oak Tree House Studio in Cambridgeshire, this EP shows a
unique blend of influences ranging from gospel and rave to jungle, dance, dub, reggae,
soul, and pop.
The narrative of the song revolves around the complexities of relationships,
drawing inspiration from personal struggles. The protagonist, deeply in love, longs to
marry a woman who remains indifferent to his affections. The track encapsulates this
theme in a high-energy, dance-centric experience that seamlessly fuses various musical
From the outset, Nothing but Love B (MG) fascinates with its vibrant electronic
pop sound. The collaboration between Baker and Moore results in a compelling fusion
of elements, including buzzy synth tones, rhythmic drums, and soulful vocals. The
track’s catching energy transforms the melancholic theme into an uplifting club-worthy
The production is a remarkable feature, taking a high-energy approach
throughout the song’s runtime. The dynamic mix incorporates elements from dancehall,
house, and pop, creating a powerful and cohesive sonic experience. The abundance of
vocal and instrumental layers contributes to the full and immersive quality of the track.
The lyrics tell a tale of unrequited love, taking the listener on a global journey as
the protagonist searches for his elusive flame. James Dean Baker and Travelle Moore’s
collaboration hints at more musical delights to come, promising an exciting debut EP
that will undoubtedly leave listeners eagerly anticipating future releases.
As the duo prepares for upcoming club performances across the USA, their
communicable sound is poised to enthral new audiences in 2024 and beyond. Nothing
but Love B (MG) serves as an introduction to this promising musical partnership,
leaving a lasting impression and paving the way for a bright future in the music
What sets this track apart is its unique melody, diverse voices, and refreshing
originality, making it be prominent in the competitive music market. The engaging
lyrics, infectious sound, and memorable chorus contribute to the overall appeal,
marking it as an admirable single with an attractive voice and the right vibes. The
electrifying effect and epic quality of the production further solidify it as an instant hit
from the very beginning.
One of the most surprising aspects of the song is its ability to inspire on a deep
level, with rhythmic intricacies and expressive lyrics that resonate with inner feelings.
The varied soundscape, skilfully crafted through keyboards and synthesizers, adds depth
and richness to the overall production.

I highly recommend giving Nothing but Love B (MG) a listen, as it quickly
draws listeners in with its complex rhythms and melodies. The track is a delightfully
sparkling performance that has the potential to bring pleasure to a diverse audience. In a
music landscape filled with options, this song stands out as a refreshing and enjoyable

Review made by Lucy Cicioni