MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Way I Get It by Al Walser feat. Ross

I Get It by Al Walser featuring Rick Ross is an electrifying collaboration that
seamlessly merges Grammy-winning talent with rap icon status. The track is a
celebration of diverse journeys to success, with Al Walser’s compelling vocals blending
effortlessly with Rick Ross’ determined rap style. As a currently trending and blazing
hit, this song is poised to captivate a broad audience.
One notable aspect of the song is its fusion of Pop and Hip-hop sounds, creating
a dynamic sonic landscape. The incorporation of two languages, English and Spanish,
adds an extra layer of richness to the overall production. The use of keyboards further
enhances the top-notch quality of the track, displaying a meticulous attention to detail.
Upon closer analysis, I Get It stands out with a particularly memorable chorus,
an unusual rhythm that maintains an invigorating pace, and a sparkling melody that
keeps listeners hooked from start to finish. The professional sound quality and thought-
provoking lyrics contribute to the overall impact of the song. Al Walser’s attractive and
gravelly voice adds a distinctive touch, making it an impressive debut that reflects a
considerable amount of work and dedication.
The infectious sound of the song is a standout feature that fascinates the
listener’s attention throughout. From the opening notes to the final beats, the track
maintains a high level of energy and engagement. The incorporation of both English
and Spanish verses adds an original and unique dimension to the song, showing
versatility and creativity.
What sets this release apart is its ability to lift the listener’s spirits. The music is
not only engaging but also emits positivity and energy. The unified meld of Al Walser’s
vocals and Rick Ross’ rap creates a synergy that contributes to the overall appeal of the
track. The transitions between English and Spanish verses add an extra layer of
dynamism, revealing a thoughtful approach to the song’s composition.
Overall, I Get It is a splendid release that offers a musical experience that is both
uplifting and enjoyable. Its loud and energetic nature, combined with high-energy flows
and positive vibes, makes it a recommended listen for anyone looking for an enthralling
and well-crafted musical journey. Al Walser and Rick Ross’ collaboration is undeniably
a success, leaving a lasting impression on listeners and solidifying its place as a
standout track in the current music landscape.

Review made by Lucy Cicioni | Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion