The Blues Are A GOOD Thing when they come from BluesmanDon!

He gives a High NRG Bluesy Folk based  Rock . His music is honest and
sourcing from his blue collar roots as a mechanic, lumberjack and paving
equipment operator way up North in Calgary, Canada. It’s the kinda
Blues music that you would hear on a Friday night down at your local
Pub, real, honest and relatable.

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Best in his own words…

I started my musical journey in 2004 after acquiring my first harmonica.
I quickly fell in love with the instrument and began trying to emulate
the riffs of Kim Wilson, Charlie Musselwhite and Ronnie Shellist. I put
out an ad on Musolist where I met Calgary musicians Colin Braithwaite
and Jonas Claesson. We would go on to form the Calgary Blueshounds, a
six piece blues band which had a bit of local success and endured
several member changes before disbanding in 2010. Colin and I would go
on to head a few more projects including MMI and Soulshine before COVID
hit in 2020.

After COVID decimated the local Calgary jam scene, I decided to step
back from live performance and concentrate on a new solo recording
project called BluesmanDon (a nickname given to me by Colin
Braithwaite). The result is a collection of original music, a fusion of
blues, folk and rock, completely written, performed and recorded by
myself.  Work Hard, Blues Hard!
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