Grammy submitted, record chart topping artist VINEET, releases PFH. PARTY FROM HOME

Vineet, whose 3 singles were submitted for Grammy consideration in 4 multi genre categories in 2021 and who has had a record 8 number 1 singles on the European Indie Top 100 in 2021, released his 9th single of the year, a bilingual song in English with Latino Spanish flavor, called PFH. Party from Home.

The bouncy party song urges people to PFH –  Party from home as opposed to WFH – work from home as it is the party season! Vineet said . ‘ If you have your family / friends with you at home, good food ,drink and music, that’s all you need for a vibrant party in this celebratory season. Latinos know how to party and I feel the joy of Latino flavouring in an English party song makes everything so cool and bouncy!’

What inspired Vineet was seeing his close vaccinated friends suddenly land up at his home, with a party already brimming in their hearts. ‘Your home is where the heart is and therefore where the party should be!’ he added

Vineet also explained a useful message that is embedded in the song. He said ‘The endemic stage is a breather designed to allow decision making. Is this endemic stage permanent, transitory or reversible remains to be seen. The whole world switched to WFH – Work from home to deal with the pandemic situation and it continues to be a dominant norm even in the endemic stage. So there is no reason why PFH – Party from Home, should not also become a sustained norm for us to continue to enjoy our lives in the company of our friends in the security of our own homes.’

The choice will always be with each individual. A person can decide to take some risk in a public crowded space, partying with strangers OR  know exactly who you are partying with, in the security of your own home.

Vineet added, ‘ I eagerly wait for PFA – The Party From Anywhere, phase of things, when we have eradicated the virus . But till then, life goes on , friendships go on, the celebration goes on. Party from home will help our souls and feet dance and allow us the biological freedom and security to do it as many times as we need!’