E;R! feat Agathe Paglia present ROCKI’N LULLABY

In spring 2020, E;R! and the idea for this interesting musical journey were formed.

A studio project of Elvis M. and Robert D.

The songs we produce are not bound to one genre. We offer everything (from Rock to everything) and we also invite various artists to lend us their voices for our  extremely exciting and diverse songs.

We are incredibly proud to have won over AGATHE PAGLIA – one of THE German rock/blues/funk & soul voices – for our project.

With “Rockin’ Lullaby” she delivers a soulful and energetic ballad extraordinaire.

A curly-headed musician with a big voice – that’s Agathe Paglia. Her powerfully deep “soul” voice is her unique musical characteristic. According to fans and fellow musicians, she sounds like a combination of Tina Turner, Janis Joplin and Amy Winehouse. Agathe is familiar with all genres – from blues and soul, to funk and rock. No matter if she sings in a piano bar or on stage at rock or gospel concerts, she always showcases her versatile style. The performances of this singer with her wide range are always different and never boring. Her interactions with the audience are genuine and never rehearsed. Her cheerfulness and laugh are contagious. When you see her perform you can tell that she is having fun. Concert critics describe Agathe Paglia as a “force of nature” or a “wonderfully refreshing summer thunderstorm”. Many well-known fellow musicians she has worked with on various projects over the last 25 years appreciate these qualities and skill as well. You can find more information about her and listen her songs on

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ermusic01/