Meda169 launches his third single “I respiri tuoi”

“Para parà pa pa pa pa” thus begins the new song by the Apulian singer-songwriter “Nicola Carfagna” aka MEDA, and the smell of the sea, the sand, the salt is already arriving …

This is followed by the song “Caffè” with over 50,000 Spotify streams.

A piece with an Indi color, fresh, with “Calcuttiane” influences even if personally I don’t like comparisons.

A real dedication to a summer love, of those that make you happy, passionate, of those that after years, you still remember and bring you back to that mythical summer, made of waves, stars, and a lot of happiness …

“I respiri tuoi” is the third single from the first Ep, (still in production), by the singer-songwriter, a song written and set to music by himself with the collaboration of Andrea Allocca and Kate Records, distributed by the record label “Artist First “

A light song, which flows easily, with a “simple” writing that I love for example because it comes straight, without too many words. In short, made especially for this period of the year.

I wish a good musical journey to the singer-songwriter who has chosen to move from his native region, Puglia, to “chase” a musical dream in the capital “Rome” and study and grow more and more.

We can not help but wish him a big good luck and “I respiri tuoi” but also his are always fresh and light like this song.

Music as seen by musicians. Review by: Giosef