“La musica dai tuoi occhi” – Bluombre’s Music Project for 2023/24 continues.

Bluombre’s music project titled “La musica dai tuoi occhi,” which started in December 2023 and has already reached 37,000 streams on digital platforms, is enriched with a new version. We are talking about Bluombre’s second collaboration with rapper Safil (Filippo Salonia), following their previous work together last summer on “Tequila and Love.” Indeed, a very interesting version entirely produced by Safil has been released. For the review, we turned to a great musical artist who has recently ventured into writing as well: Mico Argirò.

“A pop song that blends rock elements, rap, and various influences. Straightforward beat, autotuned drill on Safil’s voice, a classic chorus, ‘open arms,’ interpreted in a modern way, creating an oxymoron with the subsequent urban part. A fusion of classic and contemporary pop elements, from the beat to the electric guitars, to the vocal treatment. A song that puts music at the center as a great passion, embodied in eyes, atomic, magnetic, positive eyes. Bluombre writes the lyrics and melody of the song, but in this version, we also find Safil’s rap influences as he produced and enriched it with two beautiful total-rap parts.”

“A very well-crafted and innovative production, a new version with a full and persistent sound, adding to the Spanish and main Italian versions.”

We also know that there will be two more versions: piano and voice, and piano solo. All in the distinctive style of Bluombre.

Lyrics and music by Bluombre (Giuseppe Tumolo). Rap parts written by Safil. Executive production by Safil. Produced by Vinkleam.

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How did this song come about?

When everything was still, illumination arrived: have I ever written a song about a woman’s eyes? Off the top of my head, I would say no, although they have certainly been mentioned in some of the 120+ songs I’ve written before this one. But what can eyes convey? I would say a lot; they’re said to be the windows to the soul and are very important, I think crucial, for perceiving sensations and sometimes answers from the person in front of us. The lyrics were born from the chorus “Your eyes are music.” This equates something tangible that can be touched with something intangible but sensory, impactful, and marks the passage of our time. So the thought was: “we carry a beautiful melody within us forever, so when we meet eyes that convey something to us.” These eyes sparked a parallel journey to a melody that then became a song. They’re the eyes we encounter every day, often unnoticed and anonymous, but sometimes communicative and capable of conveying something. They can erase distances if they reach the soul of the person, the eyes of anyone as long as they are bright and true. Even those in a photo, whether male or female, adult or child, can then be cherished and kept inside or perhaps tried to win over. Now these eyes are in this song, and there they will remain forever. The Spanish version is also included.