The singer-songwriter Leo Iezza’s production continues.

Rosario Iezza, known as Leo Iezza in the art world, recently launched into the scene and has now released his third song, establishing himself firmly among independent artists.

Following his debut track “Oltre” and the subsequent “Ragazza bella,” Leo has kicked off the new year with his latest song titled “Vieni via con me” (Come Away with Me), making it clear that both music and love are serious matters, as love serves as the key theme of this song.

Taken from his upcoming record project titled “Un amore” (A Love), set to be released next summer, “Vieni via con me” is Leo Iezza’s imaginary declaration of love to a girl from his past, whom he fell in love with in a church in his hometown. With an almost childlike purity, the lyrics genuinely and simply describe Leo Iezza’s love for his beloved, accompanied in the arrangements by the mastery of his musician friends Salvatore Vangone and Marco Matrone.

Leo is certainly one of those cases to appreciate and support, as he is building his path with great determination, making music not only his precious ally but also his travel companion.

The song is available on all digital platforms, and the lyric video can be found on Leo’s YouTube channel.