MUSIC FOR YOUR EARS | REVIEW Merry Christmas My Friends By Stacy Gabel

Merry Christmas My Friends by Stacy Gabel is a delightful addition to the
holiday music repertoire, showing the artist’s multifaceted talents as a singer,
songwriter, and musician. The song, serving as a tribute to Stacy’s hometown in the
Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, not only captures the essence of the holiday season but
also reflects the artist’s deep connection to her roots.
One of the notable aspects of the song is its instrumentation, with piano and
guitar taking centre stage alongside the festive extra of sleigh bells. The choice of these
instruments creates a warm and inviting atmosphere, immediately evoking the spirit of
Christmas. The local production crew and singers from Bethlehem, PA, including the
Bel Canto Children’s Youth Chorus of the Bach Choir of Bethlehem, add a sense of
community and authenticity to the track.
Stacy’s vocals stand out as a highlight, with her sweet and feminine voice
delivering the lyrics with genuine emotion and passion. The well-vocalised and pure
tones she achieves throughout the song demonstrate a high level of vocal skill. It’s
evident that Stacy not only sings with technical proficiency but also infuses the
performance with enthusiasm, making the song engaging and enjoyable for listeners of
all ages.
The inclusion of a choir further enhances the magic of the Christmas single. The
harmonious tunes contribute to the overall charm of the song, elevating it to a higher
level and creating a sense of nostalgia reminiscent of traditional holiday classics. The
choir becomes a particular and strong point in the composition, adding a layer of depth
and grandeur to the musical arrangement.
Lyrically, Merry Christmas My Friends is heartfelt and memorable. The song’s
chorus is catchy and stays with the listener, making it a perfect supplement to festive
playlists. The bright sound, right vibes, and astonishing melody with an epic quality
contribute to the overall appeal of the release. The mid-tempo pace of the song allows it
to grow on the listener, creating a lasting impact.
As a whole, the song is a well-executed and profoundly moving piece of holiday
music. It not only brings joy and harmony to the ears but also demonstrates Stacy
Gabel’s artistic prowess. The scintillating performance, combined with the uplifting and
celebratory nature of the track, makes it a remarkable sum to the Christmas music
All in all, Merry Christmas My Friend is a truly spectacular experience that
deserves a place in your holiday music rotation. I highly encourage people to listen to
this enchanting song during the Christmas season, as it has the power to put you in a
merry mood and provide a soothing musical experience filled with joy. Stacy Gabel has
undoubtedly delivered a standout track that is a gift to music enthusiasts and holiday
lovers alike.

Review made by Lucy Cicioni | Promoted by Musik & Film, MAF Music Promotion