New Release for Hot Ice, Matti Ratti, Il Kele, and Dj Plaku. It’s called “Levati.”

In the world of Italian hip-hop, attention is always high when talented artists come together to create new music. The latest track to catch the attention of national rap enthusiasts is “Levati,” an explosive collaboration.

A song that is the result of a long-awaited partnership. These three MCs take turns showcasing their lyrical skills on Lorenzo Lambertini’s epic beat, already known for creating the instrumental for another hit, “Re nell’Oblio.” The hooks are enriched by Dj Plaku’s powerful scratches, giving the track an extra surge of energy. It’s a song that requires repeated listens to catch all the intriguing details in the lyrics.

“Levati” is a raw track that isn’t afraid to tackle controversial topics. Its message is direct and primarily aimed at the national rap scene. The title itself echoes the final line of Matti Ratti’s verse, emphasizing the urgency of the song’s message. The artists worked hard to find the perfect balance between instrumentals and lyrics, creating a song that went through several iterations before reaching its final form.

The work behind the scenes is just as important as the artists’ performances. The mix and master of “Levati” were expertly handled by Alex Moro, already known for his collaboration with Il Kele. The single cover was created by Arianna Morosin and is as essential and effective as the song’s theme, adding another layer of visual meaning to the project.

While video contributions for “Levati” have not been announced at the moment, fans can’t help but hope for additional visual content to accompany this powerful track. The combination of talent behind and in front of the stage suggests that this collaboration is destined to make waves in the Italian rap scene for a while.

In conclusion, “Levati” is a song that’s making a name for itself and addressing important issues directly and without hesitation. This collaboration between Hot Ice, Matti Ratti, Il Kele, and Dj Plaku is an example of how Italian rap can remain bold and relevant while artists continue to deliver meaningful messages through music. It remains to be seen how this track will evolve and how the audience will respond to this politically incorrect challenge, but one thing is certain: the song “Levati” is bound to stay in the hearts and minds of rap enthusiasts.

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